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Children's Ministry During Social Distancing

Children's Christian education, commonly

known as spiritual formation, is a foundation

upon which a lifetime of Christian discipleship

is built. At Christ Church, our aim is to foster a

relationship with God through worship,

education, and creative artistic reflection.


As we continue in our Church at Home phase,

children are encouraged to engage in Christian

formation opportunities through virtual Godly Play Sunday school which will be broadcast on FB Live and YouTube at 9am on Sundays beginning September 13th.  Also, available to children are weekly Children's Church at Home packets with lessons and materials following the Lectionary.  To help us keep our database updated AND to indicate that you wish to receive the weekly materials mailed home to your family, please click the button below.


We are committed to continuing to raise up the children of our church and community even when we cannot physically be together.  Below, you will find a number of resources to help families and children during social distancing.  To learn about creating a Prayer Space in your home like in the photo, please click here.

“Remembering the church year in your family celebrations knits together church and home; it reminds the entire family that faith is lived seven days a week, 365 days a year, in our everyday lives.” 

-from Common Prayer for Children and Families by Jenifer Gamber and Timothy J.S. Seamans


Online Resources for Families

Daily Devotionals


  • Faith @ Home daily lessons provide meaningful ways to practice your faith at home through suggested podcasts, printable coloring sheets, short videos with discussion questions.  If you used nothing else, this resource could cover it all! 

  • We Wonder podcast is a daily contemplative devotional for children.   Find a comfortable space, such as your own prayer space, where everyone can relax and listen together. 


Printable resources

  • Covid-19 self-care plan found here to prompt conversation with your family.  If you don’t have a printer, you can create your own using the materials you have on hand.

  • Table Graces can be found here.

  • Colorful Liturgical Calendar is here.





  •  “Anywhere Worship” is a resource that reminds us that we can worship anywhere!  This nice slide show outlines the different parts of our worship service found in the Book of Common Prayer, in case you want to lead Morning Prayer yourself.  It was created by Roger Speer from the Church of the Good Shepherd in Augusta, GA for the Episcopal Day School students.

  • The Book of Common Prayer online pdf is available to everyone free of charge at this time through Church Publishing. 


A Prayer for Safety

I am with you now, I will protect you everywhere you go, and I will bring you back to this land.

–Genesis 28:15

God, whose glory fills the whole world,

and who is with us wherever we go:

protect us in our daily lives and travels;

surround us with your loving care;

guard us from danger;

and bring us safely into the day’s end.  Amen.

-From Common Prayer for Children and Families by Jenifer Gamber and Timothy J. S. Seamans

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