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Foyer Groups

Foyer Groups provide adult parishioners and those new to our parish a chance to get to know each other and experience parish life by gathering to talk and share in friendship. Each Foyer Group is made up of 8 to 10 parishioners who meet once a month  from September to May in homes or at various locations or restaurants throughout the area. The meetings are casual and are set around sharing a simple meal together. Whether you are a young adult, a family with children, long-time parishioners, or just visiting our parish and wanting to get involved, Foyer Groups are for you!

For more information: contact Judy Reimer or Sue Edwards.

You may sign up for 2019-2020 Foyer Group below! 

Preferred Meeting Time
If you and your spouse both are both participating would you prefer to participate as individuals or as a couple? (choose one) For anyone who wishes to sign up with a friend please indicate below and add their name.
I would be willing to serve as a group organizer

You are now registered for Foyer Groups! Watch for an email from the coordinators with your group information soon!

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