Lenten Disciplines

by Laura Goodwin,

Director of Christian Education

Lent is the time that we prepare our hearts for the mystery of Easter.  It is no coincidence that Lent lasts for 40 days prior to Easter Sunday while also being the amount of time that it takes to let go of a bad habit or create a new one.  Lent is meant to create new habits of faith.  Deciding on what to adopt as new a Lenten habit or discipline can often be a challenge.  Some people choose to give something up for Lent such as sweets, coffee, meat, social media, or something that proves to be a daily indulgence/temptation.  You might want to declutter your home by giving something away each day.  How about this year giving up some of your time by donating it to a church program (Wednesday Lunch, HELP ministry, Room in the Inn, EYC or ECM)? 


You don’t always have to give something up!  Some people add a practice or discipline to his/her daily routine to form new healthy habits such as praying or meditating on God’s holy word.  Setting aside a specific time for your new practice will help with your success.  Whether it is first thing in the morning or the last activity of the day, adding a spiritual discipline can be rewarding.  Try adding some of these suggested practices: 


Daily Devotion

Pick up a copy of the Episcopal Relief & Development’s daily Lenten Meditations in the Gathering area or Surface for your daily devotion.  This booklet encourages readers to actively seek the holy every day during Lent by reflecting on God’s call, their own lives and how they can live out their Baptismal Covenant by healing a hurting world.  Or, if you prefer, have the daily meditations sent to your email address by subscribing here.

The Way of Love in Lent

Download this Lenten Calendar from Presiding Bishop Curry’s The Way of Love program or pick one up at the church and read the scripture each day and reflect on the daily meditation.  Use it with your family at the breakfast or dinner table for shared experience. 


Yoga and the Lord’s Prayer

For a meditative and contemplative practice of yoga using the Lord’s Prayer, please click here.