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Stephen Ministers are lay congregation members trained to provide one-to-one care to those experiencing a difficult time in life, such as grief, divorce, job loss, chronic or terminal illness, or relocation.

Stephen Ministers come from all walks of life, but they all share a passion for bringing Christ’s love and care to people during a time of need.

Since 1975, more than 600,000 people from more than 13,000 congregations and other organizations have been trained as Stephen Ministers.


What is Stephen Ministry?

Stephen Ministers bring distinctively Christian care to those in need. They express Christ’s care for others by listening and comforting, calling on their training, and employing the tools of faith. Stephen Ministers have cared for over one-and-a-half million people in one-to-one caring relationships—and they have touched countless more lives with compassionate understanding and encouragement.


How Does Stephen Ministry Work?

Stephen Ministers go through in-depth training so that by the time they start their official ministry, they’re completely ready.  Then, after being matched with a person experiencing a life crisis, the Stephen Minister meets with that person on a weekly basis to listen, care, encourage, and provide emotional and spiritual support. The caring relationship lasts as long as the need for care exists.


How You Can Help

Our congregation cares, seeking to radiate God's love to all —and one way we express that care is by our commitment to Stephen Ministry. If God is calling you to take a more active role in Christian caregiving, we hope you will prayerfully consider this ministry.

You can also help by praying for our Stephen Ministers and Care Receivers, and by keeping your eyes, ears, and hearts open to those who are hurting and may want a Stephen Minister to walk beside them.

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