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Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry at Christ Church both serves youth, and empowers youth to serve others . Every Christian is a minister by virtue of their baptism, no matter their age, and our goal is to help equip our young ministers to do God's work.

Sunday School

The Youth Sunday school class, taught by Karen Crabtree, Director of Youth, with Janet Grider uses the People of the Scriptures curriculum, an exciting and engaging study filled with background about scriptures, provocative questions that encourage youth participation through activities centered around the text.

Episcopal Youth Community

Episcopal Youth Community (EYC) is a place where junior and senior high youth can experience faith, fun, and fellowship together. The goal is to allow each young person to 

          Gather together with God and one another, 

          Grow in faith and develop their personal strengths and unique gifts, and 

          Give of themselves as all Christians are called to do.

EYC achieves these goals by meeting together for a mix of fun activities, faith development, and outreach missions. EYC meets most Sundays from 5:00pm-7:00pm, but also at different times as service opportunities arise. Please check our calendar for special events!

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